My Schedule for ConCarolinas 2018

Hi Everyone:

The folks at ConCarolinas have me hopping this year, which is exciting. I’m looking forward to a great time with a lot of magnificent folks. Here is my schedule if you are going to be there.

June 1:

4:00 pm: Writing Fan Fiction (moderator)

9:00 pm: Writing in a Shared Universe (i.e., What do you do when you have to live by another author’s rules?)

10:00 pm: Finding Your Inner Smut Queen (yeah…baby…)

June 2:

10:00 am: Writing What You Don’t Know (i.e., for me, everything.)

11:00 am: No One Will Know (yes, yes, they will)

1:00 pm: The Author Dating Game (what is a romantic night for Jess Friedman, Monster Hunter Mom?)

2:00 pm: The Novella Strikes Back! (I made this title up. Hee…hee..)

4:00 pm: My Author Reading! Third Floor

June 3:

11:00 am: The Write Life (how do we balance writing with things like parenting, full-time jobs?)

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