Jim Hines’ Terminal Alliance

If you’ve read any of Jim Hines’ books, then you know to expect the unexpected.¬† Here, he steps up and joins the likes of Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut. Terminal Alliance takes absurdity and hilarity to the next level. Every time I thought I knew what was coming, I was wrong. This is a book in which this scenario can take place:

“Relaying to Private Wong’s monocle.”
Wong whistled a Krakau curse, something about tentacle incest. A saucer-sized shard of metal protruded from his back, just below the rib cage. Black blood crusted around the wound. “Did I say I was lucky? I’d like to change my answer, sir.”

The novel takes place at a time when humans have gone feral, and an alien society has figured out a way to rehabilitate them and wake them up. They give them a rebirth, and the new humans  get to pick names they find meaningful, like Fred Rodgers or Wolfgang Mozart.

We open on a ship, the Pufferfish, where our heroes are janitors. These janitors, for Reasons, wind up having to clean up a big mess and save the day, and with frenaliens (think frenemies but with aliens) like these, that is is a very complex problem.

PIck up Terminal Alliance today.

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